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Our Voluntary Committee

The Voluntary Committee is key to our organisation, made up of people who have an Ataxia, parents, siblings of people who do, as well as friends and volunteers.


The Voluntary committee is made up of volunteers who provide their time and experience voluntarily. The Voluntary committee is divided into “Sub-teams” and are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organisation and its members. They meet once a month to review progress and plan for the month ahead.


“Every decision made, must be in the best interests of our members”


Executive Board

  • Chairperson              John Kelleher
  • Secretary                   David Power
  • Treasurer                  Rita McDermott
  •                                    Rachel Byrne
  •                                    Ken Caulfied
  •                                   Anita Gracey
  •                                   Kiara Lynch Owens

Voluntary Committee

  • Region Support Team Co-ordinator        Sean O’Hara, David Power

  • Regional support team                              Willie Barrett, Theresa Kane, Laura                                                                           Brady, Jessi O'Reilly.

  • Northern Ireland support                         Anita Gracey

  • Ataxia Support Team                                 Rachel Byrne, Tom Kelleher,                                                                                  Brenda O’Hara

  • AST Co-ordinator                                        Nora Young

  • Fundraising and Event Management      Maureen Sweeney

  • Social Media                                                  Jessie O'Reilly

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