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The management committee is made up of subgroups of volunteers who meet up once a month with the board, these groups are the Ataxia Support Team (AST) and Brenda O’Hara, Nora Young and Tom Kelleher, , Assistance with hospital appointments, Ataxia Clinic, representation with Agencies.



Sean O’Hara, Willie Barratt, Anita Gracey  and Theresa Kane are  building a network of members throughout the 32 counties. They will  reach out to members, gathering feedback and discussing at management level all issues that have been identified.





We have formed a strong team of people to ensure our organisation is well structured and managed correctly and to optimize the benefits to our members, members families, donors and volunteers and to assure the general public that the majority of their money is going where they intended it to go, towards the support and services to members.


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