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 Ataxia is a genetic and progressive disorder of the central nervous system which usually manifests itself in children between the ages of two and sixteen years . Because of the genetic factor young parents could have several children before the condition manifests itself in one or more of the children. The general symptoms are clumsiness, difficulties with balance, lack of co-ordination and, in time, a slurring of speech. Please click the link About Friedreich’s Ataxia


Four people who have Friedreich’s Ataxia have established this charity “Neuroataxia CLG” a Company Limited by Guarantee Trading As: “Ataxia Foundation Ireland” and these four members are directors and trustees of the company.


It became very apparent that a new organisation was required, one that had to come from the people who have Ataxia themselves, not for the purpose of replacing an existing organisation but to provide services that were not already being provided and from the perspective of a person with Ataxia, someone who has lived with the condition and could help someone come to terms with a recent diagnosis.


When we established Ataxia Foundation Ireland (AFI), we structured the organisation itself and management in such a way, it was in line with the charity regulators guidelines and sets the scene or standard for future Management, it protects everyone without compromising the CEO’s ability to function as a manager, leader, driver and visionary of AFI’s strategies and goals as a charity.


We have established a strong team of volunteers comprising of the Board and Trustees, CEO, Management Committee, Regional Support Team (RST) and Ataxia Support Team (AST) providing support to members. The AST consists of a Liaison Officer, Coordinators and committee members, all have years of experience working with Ataxia and generously offered to help.


We have signed up to the Charity Institute Ireland Triple Lock Standard,
1. Ethical Fundraising,
2. Annual & Financial Reporting
3. Governance.


We are committed to providing our accounts and other relevant information on our website where the public can see where their donations are going.


We advocate strongly on disability issues, Ataxia knows no borders and effects most parts of the body while the intellect is unaffected, with the nature of Friedreichs Ataxia, we experience many different effects and types of disabilities over time, not just one, it is a rare, progressive, degenerative, neurological condition.


We have provided membership forms below for

1. Members

2. Family of People with Ataxia

3. Friends of AFI/Volunteers.

Membership does not imply that you cannot be a member of any other organisation, we would encourage you to download the forms available for download, or contact us and we will post them to you, return the completed and signed form to AFI and please share as much as possible with your friends with ataxia and or people who would also be interested in being part of AFI.


We welcome donations and anyone willing to participate in fundraising, we have created a Fundraising Pack and Application forms are available, please call 087 361 6616 or email and we will send them to you.


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